Do I Need To Replace My Kubota Tractor Tyre?

Do I Need To Replace My Kubota Tractor Tyre?

There is nothing worse than planning to use your Kubota Tractor and finding that the tyre is damaged. It may be tempting to ignore a crack, but extended use on a beat-up wheel is not recommended.

Although you may be constantly checking your tyre pressure and being cautious of where you drive your tractor, unfortunately, you can’t prevent all cuts and damages. To help diagnose the need for a replacement tyre, we have a few helpful tips. 

Cuts on tyre 

With consistent use on a variety of different surfaces, including rocks and harsh gravels, your tyre lugs will develop numerous scratches and cuts across the entire surface. Small abrasions on the tops of tyre lugs aren’t to be worried about and don’t require replacement. 

Cuts found at the base of the tyre lug or closer to the rim, however, do require closer inspection. A cut here is usually a sign of fatigue due to excessive tractive force and heavy loads. If you continue to perform this strenuous work with your tractor, repeated twisting of the wheel may cause the damaged lug to rip off. Unless you are performing light duties, it is recommended that you replace the tyre. 

If you find a cut on the sidewall of the tyre, the tractor may have been overused on a flat or stored for too long a period with a flat tyre. You should not use your tractor with a cut to the sidewall. Driving with a cut tyre will see a quick loss of pressure and driving on the rim, which will result in more expensive damage. We recommend a replacement and possibly a pump to keep tyres are their recommended pressure. 

Damaged tyre tubes 

If the tyre has been punctured, it’s highly likely that the internal tube is also busted. Any damage to a tyre tube requires replacement as it will not be able to hold any pressure. 

If you are constantly getting flat tyres, it may be a sign that you need to replace the tube. The only long term solution to fixing a tyre tube is to replace it. 

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